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Never Pay Retail for College

Our Price $77.00

Back in 2006, this was a free report. That was before it became part of the Ron Paul Curriculum. Today, the Ron Paul Curriculum offers this report to families that are not prepared to spend $75,000 to $250,000 -- after taxes -- per college degree. They do not intend to pay retail.

Your child cannot earn a B.S. degree in nuclear physics by distance learning, but most accredited liberal arts degrees are available this way.

A distance learning college program should begin in high school. A student can easily quiz out of the first two years of college by the end of high school. This strategy uses CLEP degrees. For more information on this strategy, go here:

To take all of the CLEP exams necessary to complete two years of college, it costs around $2,000. If a student takes a CLEP exam cram course in the RPC, it comes with a money-back guarantee -- the course plus the cost of the CLEP exam. That beats whatever you were planning to spend. The student can pay for this with a part-time job in summers.

This takes the risk out of the first two years.

When a student enters as a sophomore or a junior, colleges pay little attention to SAT and ACT scores.

Don't cram for the SAT or ACT. Cram for CLEP exams.

The full story of how to earn a college degree from an accredited college is in this manual. The manual is available to Ron Paul Curriculum members. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It comes in PDF format. It is not available in paper format.