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This Site Is Phase 2 of My Revolution: Beyond Politics

Ron Paul - April 06, 2013
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I hope you have read my book, The Revolution: A Manifesto. For that matter, I hope you read my follow-up book, Liberty Defined.

My next book is on reclaiming education, meaning kindergarten through high school. I believe homeschooling is the wave of the future. My book will spell out in greater detail what my idea of phase 2 of the revolution is all about. For now, this website will have to suffice.

This site is in its preliminary phase. It will open with a lot more courses and student forums on September 2. But there are useful materials available today. The main one is Dr. Gary North's high school preparation course, ABC: Academic Boot Camp. Dr. North is the Director of Curriculum Development. He was my research assistant in my first term in Congress back in 1976.

Dr. North has assembled a first-rate faculty. Dr. Tom Woods will be teaching Western Civilization, government, and the U.S. Constitution.

Professor Timothy Terrell will teach a freshman course on personal finances. It will be the course you should have had way back when. It will teach about the uses and misuses of debt.

Bradley Fish, Jr. will teach courses in history and English in the middle school program, and he will offer a public speaking course to freshmen. He achieved something remarkable. In the month that he turned 18, he was awarded a bachelor's degree in business management from an accredited college. He began passing CLEP exams at age 14. He did all of the course work by examination for $13,000 -- total. He paid for most of this by running a lawn mowing business on weekends. He borrowed the rest from his parents. He paid it back within a year of graduation. There are teenagers who will enroll on this site who will achieve similar results.

His grandmother and mother will be teaching the free courses, K-5.

Dr. Benjamin Richards teaches math, grades 6-9. He is a physicist.

Prof. John Hamilton teaches natural science.

Dr. North teaches the economic course and the Western literature course. He will teach a course on starting a home-based business. He will even teach a course on how to write direct-mail advertising copy. There has never been a high school course like this one. I think some parents may take this course. Dr. North has been writing ads for 39 years.

There are no textbook expenses. There will be a few books to buy, such as F. A. Hayek's Road to Serfdom, but no textbooks.

Be sure to sign up for my free Tip of the Week on homeschooling. Use the subscription box on the upper right-hand side of your screen, just under the masthead.

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