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State Regulations: Why the Ron Paul Curriculum Will Not Comply

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Various state governments have requirements governing home schools.

Parents in the United States long ago surrendered to the state. They decided that the state has a legitimate right to tell them how to educate their children. The compromise has gone on for so long that most parents think nothing about it.

Some homeschool parents are doubtful about these regulations. Other homeschool parents refused to cooperate with the state in any way regarding these requirements. Other homeschool parents have decided that a particular state's regulations are too restrictive, and they have moved to another state. They educate their children the way they choose. These are parents who have decided that they will not compromise with certain degrees of tyranny. They place their children's education before their own job opportunities.

Every parent must come to grips with the reality of state regulation. It is not the responsibility of the Ron Paul Curriculum to cooperate in any way with state agencies. The Ron Paul Curriculum is protected under First Amendment liberties. We have the freedom of the press to protect us. We can publish whatever we want.

This curriculum' methodology rests heavily on weekly essays by students. It also rests on the requirement that students create their own blog sites. Every essay is supposed to be published by the student on his own website. Parents are supposed to enforce this requirement. We know that students do not want to go public with their writing, and if they are forced to do so, they are going to pay more attention to their writing. They are going to do a better job of learning how to write.

If a truant officer approaches a parent who uses this curriculum, and he decides to make an inquiry, the parent is going to be in a position to show the truant officer that the student has a website of his own, and that he publishes weekly essays from the classes. The student also will have a YouTube channel.

What truant officer is going to want to come before a judge and claim that the student who is using this curriculum is not meeting state educational standards? What public school is going to have anything comparable in terms of student productivity?

Parents who adopt this curriculum sign up with the Home School Legal Defense Association. I do not think a truant officer is going waste his time pursuing a parent who uses this curriculum and who belongs to the HSLDA.

Is a truant officer is going to show up at the front door? What would be the positive payoff for the truant officer to spend a lot of time pursuing a parent who has committed himself and his children to an academic program as rigorous as this one?

Parents who want to employ our faculty to teach their children must decide to deal with whatever state regulations hang over them. Parents have to decide whether our program is better than any competing program. They have got to decide whether the content of our program meets their requirements. They must decide whether to compromise with the state.

Parents who are deeply concerned about their children are going to make the decision in terms of the needs of their children, and also in terms of their own religious and ideological preferences. If they decide that this curriculum is best for their children.

Here is a list of state regulations, state by state.

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