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Raise Your Grades, Learn College-Level Study Skills, and Begin Lifetime Leadership Training

Gary North, Ph.D.

This 42-lesson course helps students to raise their grades. This includes students who attend a bricks-and-mortar school. Think of this course as an academic life preserver.

But it is far more than a life preserver. Any student who enters high school in grade 9 without a mastery of the study skills I cover in this course is not going to maximize the next four years of formal education. These are the crucial years for mastering the skills of self-teaching. College will be nothing new for any student who masters these skills by age 15.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is a self-taught curriculum. Parents do very little after grade 5. Students teach themselves. That is what the course forums are for. Parents read the student's weekly essays. That's about it. One mother dropped from 20 hours of teaching a week for her three children to one hour. Read her story here:

Warning: the Ron Paul High School Curriculum is academically rigorous. A student who does not have the basics of time management, the memorization of facts, and writing skills is at a disadvantage. But a high school student needs far more than these skills to succeed.

My course covers these topics: how to study, how to read and remember what you have read, how to write term papers, how to take exams, and how to manage your time. But it goes beyond these standard study skills. It covers the the difference between a person's job and his calling in life, personal goal-setting, and developing leadership skills.

As for technical skills, it covers speed-reading, note-taking and retrieval, software for essay writing, how to set up a YouTube channel, and how to set up a WordPress blog site. These skills are basic for career advancement at any age and in any setting.

It would not hurt a parent to take this course.

To a parent: Maybe you would like to brush up on some of these skills. If you are a member, anyone in your family can take the course at no extra charge.

Here is a review of the first 15 lessons.

Before you begin, you may want to ask yourself a question: "What is academic success, and why is it worth pursuing?" In and of itself, it is not worth much. It is a stepping stone. It opens some doors. But it has its limits.

To parents and students: I want you to read about two success stories. Both involve a flunked college course. Both are spectacular stories of rebounding.

See what I mean?

STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #1: Flypaper Memory -- A Crucial Technique for Mastering New Information
Gary North
This is so simple to describe, but hardly anyone knows about it. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #2: Long-Term Goal-Setting Is Crucial.
Gary North
You must get three questions answered before you start any long-term project. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #3: Your Home Office
Gary North
Follow this rule: "A place for everything, and everything in its place." . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #4: Follow Instructions
Gary North
This is easier said than done. It takes practice. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #5: Budget Your Time
Gary North
Time is your only irreplaceable resource. Don't waste it. Don't let it get away from you. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #6: Identify Your Less Important Time
Gary North
All time is not created equal. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #7: How to Read a Textbook
Gary North
Textbooks are rarely worth reading. The only one that this curriculum uses is free. But the first two years of college are based in textbooks -- another good reason for CLEPping out. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #8. Flypaper Memory, Part 2
Gary North
It's time to review. Do not skip this. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson 9. How to Take Lecture Notes
Gary North
This site has video lectures. Learn to take notes. . . . keep reading
STUDY TECHNIQUES. Lesson #10: How to Take Exams
Gary North
This ability will get you through college and professional certification. After that, the skill is useless. . . . keep reading
HOW TO WRITE. Lesson #11: The Book Review
Gary North
This is a crucial skill. Learn it early. . . . keep reading
HOW TO WRITE. Lesson 12: Start a Blog Site
Gary North
If you don't have a blog, today is the day to start one. . . . keep reading
HOW TO WRITE. Lesson #13: The Term Paper
Gary North
At some point, you will have to write a term paper for this curriculum. Learn how now. . . . keep reading
PHASE ONE WRAP-UP. Lesson #14: Review
Gary North
You have made it through phase one. Congratulations. Almost. . . . keep reading
JOB VS. CALLING, Lesson #15
Gary North
This is basic to the allocation of your time, at any age. . . . keep reading
JOB VS. CALLING. Lesson #16
Gary North
Early choices can make a huge difference. . . . keep reading
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