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This curriculum will be free. It will be posted in stages, beginning on September 2.

You will not be asked to enroll your K-5 child. It will be available to anyone and everyone: PDFs and YouTube.

If you want to participate in the parents' forums, you will pay $250/year. This is voluntary.

This entire site should be finished in late 2015. The courses will be posted in stages.

Check back regularly to see if what you want is here. The price is right.

Because this section of the site is free, we cannot afford to respond to inquiries. In September, if you want to get questions answered, join the site and participate in the forums.

I realize that some parents are desperate. They want information now. Understand: my staff does not respond to any correspondence regarding the free portion of the site, unless the questions are posted on the K-5 forum.

If I were the federal government, I would promise you more. But then I probably wouldn't deliver.

In life, there is always a trade-off between time and money. This portion of the site is free. Therefore, you must pay in the other currency: time. You must wait until September. For some grade levels, you must wait for years. This is the cost of "free."

I have assembled teachers who are donating their time for free to give you this information. As Americans used to say, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth."

I cannot tell you when it will be posted. The program is being produced by a separate organization.

As to when any aspect the K-5 program will be available, I do not know.

If you can get a free curriculum elsewhere today, take advantage of this today. Khan Academy is good on math.

Another super bargain is the Robinson Curriculum. It was created by Dr. Arthur Robinson, the libertarian chemist. He homeschooled six children. Two of them earned Ph.Ds in veterinary medicine. Another earned a Ph.D in nuclear engineering. Another earned a Ph.D in chemistry. One is finishing a Ph.D in nuclear engineering. The sixth is still in college. This curriculum is based on primary source readings. It is self-taught. It costs $200, once per family. Order it here.

Why should I promote a rival product? Because this site is not complete. I want every visitor to adopt homeschooling. If you need a curriculum now, Robinson's is a good one.

If you absolutely have to have a curriculum, and the free one is not here, order Robinson's.

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