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To understand the Ron Paul Curriculum, you need to understand the whole picture: benefits for students, benefits for parents, educational criteria, accreditation, state regulation, and much more. This department covers the basics. As more questions are submitted, more answers will be posted here.

What If We Cannot Control Our Child?
This curriculum is not for your family. Sorry. . . . keep reading
What Does a College Admissions Committee Want to See in a Homschooler's Transcripts?
Gary North - January 30, 2014
There are core courses. These never change. . . . keep reading
Why Doesn't This Curriculum Teach Social Science Before High School?
Gary North - September 11, 2013
Social sciences in public schools promote state action. . . . keep reading
Why the Ron Paul Curriculum Is a Super Bargain
No textbooks to buy. Daily video lectures. Daily reviews. Weekly reviews. Weekly writing assignments. A faculty second to none. Plus: it's self-taught. This frees up your time to work with your younger children. . . . keep reading
The Value of Sweat and Toil
Bojidar Marinov - August 20, 2013
In the marketplace it is not the big fish that eat the small fish, but the motivated fish eat the rest. . . . keep reading
Who Will Teach My Children?
These are the teachers. . . . keep reading
Do I Have to Have a Credit Card or a Debit Card to Sign Up?
Yes. We are not set up to handle checks. . . . keep reading
A Q&A Dialogue for Newcomers
Gary North
This is a quick survey of the basics. . . . keep reading
Help! Where Do I Start?
Jo Dee Soles
This is for new homeschool teachers. . . . keep reading
How Long Should a Student Take to Complete a Course?
That is up to the student. . . . keep reading
Why Is Your Curriculum Geared to a 9-Month Academic Year?
So that your child can graduate from college at age 17 or 18 if your child is smart enough and disciplined enough. . . . keep reading
Do My Children Have to Participate in WordPress and YouTube?
Gary North
Parents are 100% in charge. They decide. . . . keep reading
Why Don't You Teach Foreign Languages?
There is a very simple answer: there are so many other programs out there that do this better than we could. . . . keep reading
Why Don't You Offer a Program for Special Education Needs?
Because we don't know how. . . . keep reading
What Is a Self-Taught Curriculum?
It is a curriculum where the live teachers are all volunteers. . . . keep reading
How Important Are SAT and ACT Scores?
There are parents who worry about SAT and ACT exams. With the Ron Paul Curriculum, this concern is not necessary. . . . keep reading
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